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    Thereis a Bartending Labor Shortage!

    There has never been an easier time for a bartender with no experience to get a bartending job!!!

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    Imagine going to a job you love, always having extra cash, and being rewarded for your hard work by people who are always happy to see (and tip) you.  This is the reason why bartenders love their job.

    Many of our graduates have raised families, paid for their education, paid for their housing and living expenses by just bartending part time.

     Even our graduates who were already in the food and beverage industry have been able to earn more income because of their Bartenders Academy Training!


    Within two weeks after finishing, I got a bartending job! Totally worth the entire course, and the Instructors are phenomenal and full of knowledge about the Industry

    Graduate, Bartender


    Local Internships

    Get the local experience you need at real bars, with real cocktails, handling real sales, interacting with guests working beside real bartenders.


    Resume Development

    We will teach you and help you update your resume for the bar industry or create a brand new resume.


    Interview Training

    Be prepared for your first or your next bartending interview. Get insight on how to succeed during your interviewing process.


    Job Search Strategies

    Looking for work? Don’t know where to begin.  We are here to help you use effective strategies for finding bartending leads.

    Bartenders Hired

    Years in Business

    Hours of Instruction




    Quick, Easy, Fun!

    12 Hours of Digital Training

    Finish in 1 to 3 weeks.

    Learn the recipes, learn lots of cocktails, the history of spirits, how alcohol is made, how to setup and break down a bar much, much more!

    The best part is you can hit replay as much as you like.

    Once you’re done you’ll move into your bartender internship and get real hands-on experience!



    Get hands on experience at a real local bar.

    We are the only training that includes a bartending  internship at a local bar as part of your training.

    No Colored Water. No Fake Garnishes.

    You’ll continue your learning in a real, operating bar

    With Real Guests

    With Real Cocktails!

     There is hands down no better training than actual hands-on live experience.

    3. GET TO WORK

    There’s a huge labor shortage in the bar industry right now!

    There’s never been a better time for a bartender with no experience to start out as a bartender! But guess what? You’re internship is going to be your starting experience so you’ll have an advantage over all the other new bartenders who’ve never poured a real cocktail at a real bar.

    Put in the work and get the results! W’re here to help you do both!


    How it works

    1) Get The Knowledge. 2) Get The Experience. 3) Get The Job.

     Online Training Meets Real World Internships:

    1.  Starting Building your Foundational Knowledge (Online)
    When seeking to increase your bar sales and your earnings, there’s a lot of information you need to learn, understand, and techniques you need to practice when you are *not* in front of the customer. Learning recipes, researching spirits, understanding beer, wine, and liquor production, reviewing menus, practicing techniques until you perfect them, working on your pours, knowing your legal responsibilities, and much more. Most of your success as a beverage professional comes from the preparation you do (practice time) before you start engaging with guests (game time). We are here to partner with you on your learning journey!

    2. Next, apply your knowledge in a hands-on real world setting at a local internship (In Person)

    Once you have the knowledge, it’s time to go hands on and learn at a local bar.  This is where you’re going to get your first experience tending bar and learning what it takes to make it as a bartender and earn real income. Real cocktails, real POS machines (the terminals that ring up drink orders), real guests, real experience.  Use these internship shifts to build experience that you can put on your bartender resume, when looking for jobs!  Any real bartender will tell you that nothing beats experience.  You internship will give you the start and confidence you you need as you start your bartending journey.

    3. Start Bartending, having fun, and earning extra income (Land a job!)

    With your knowledge, training, and experience the final step of your entry into bartending is to get hired.  We’ll coach and guide you by providing all the resources you need to get hired.  We leverage our experience of helping over a thousand new bartenders get hired to help you with getting local experience through internships, resume help, and interview coaching and guidance. We have a proven step by step process to landing your first and next bartending job.  As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, we’ll help you get the results!

    Several Courses To Help You Grow As A New Bartender

    • Over 250+ Lessons on Beverage Service & Growing
    • Bartending, Wine, Beer, and More!
    • Several Knowledge Certifications (up to 36 Hrs combined)
    • Learn at your own pace
    • Unlimited content replay during your subscription
    • Full access for 12 Months
    • Cost effective option for individuals and teams
    • Fastest way to get started
    • We are constantly adding more content!

    increase your income

    It’s very common for bartenders to earn $20 to $50 per hour when averaging out their tips and wages combined.  When working several shifts per week, your hard work can start to generate an additional $1500 or more per month just working part-time.  Of course these estimates are affected by how hard you work, when you work, and where you work but our bartenders are motivated to earn extra income by going after opportunities in life and providing great service when they land behind the bar!


    …you learn an impressive amount about not only bar tending, but how to look at work, how to fill down time and make your bosses happy, how to interact with customers and how to handle just about any situation. As a recent graduate of Bartenders Academy I have the confidence and skills I need to go out there and get a job at any bar I choose and that makes it so worth it! If you have the opportunity and time to take this course, take it, it is a small investment with a huge pay off!


    Graduate, Bartender

    Who Takes The Training?

    • Positive Hospiality Focused Professionals
    • People with no hospitality experience
    • Bartenders & Servers who want to increase their performance
    • Bar Managers and owners
    • College Students
    • CNAs, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals
    • Real Estate Professionals
    • Mid Career and retirees
    • People who are unhappy going to their jobs everyday
    • Single parents
    • Those wanting to save, get ahead of their bills, and/or get out of debt

    Increase your income

    Enhance your skills

    Love Your Job!

    Invest in your bartender training today!


    Over 130+ Years of Combined Beverage Hospitality Experience 

    Lanie Renfer

    Bartending Instructor

    Christine Papp

    Bartending Instructor

    John Kubicsko

    Beer Instructor

    Ross Edward Marks

    Wine Instructor

    Phil Santopietro

    TiPS Instructor

    Peter Clayton

    Career Counselor

    What are the benefits of your hybrid training (Online and In Person)?

    1. This is more than just an online course.  We’ll work with you to help you get real experience at a local internship.

    2. There are many benefits to having your own online resource listed below in the next point, however, a key word is replay.  Have you ever learned something class and then forgot it 30 minutes later or 30 days later or 30 weeks later?  With our video lessons you can keep replaying the content so you can stay fresh and up to date with your knowledge.

    Now for the other major benefits of the online experience…

    3. When seeking to increase your bar sales and your earnings, there’s a lot of information you need to learn, understand, and techniques you need to practice when you are *not* in front of the customer. Learning recipes, researching spirits, understanding beer, wine, and liquor production, reviewing menus, practicing techniques until you perfect them, working on your pours, knowing your legal responsibilities, and much more. Most of your success as a beverage professional comes from the preparation you do (practice time) before you start engaging with guests (game time). We are here to partner with you on your learning journey!

    And the Hands-On Experience? There’s no better way to learn, than by actually doing the work.  And that’s why our internship program works!  When you’re empowered with the fundamentals from the online training, you’ll be amazed how fast you’ll be able to pick things up as you’re starting your new bartending journey!

    Can I get hired without any bartending experience?

    Think about this:

    100% of bartenders were hired without bartending experience.

    Let that sink in. Every single bartender started bartending without bartending experience. We all start at 0% and work out way up.

    Getting training before you start bartending ensures that you have a more successful start and that you know what you are doing before you’re dealing with real customers.

    You will see adds that say 2 years experience required. That’s okay, many of those same places will still hire brand new bartenders. Even more promising is that many more places will hire new bartenders who don’t come with any bad habits that bar/ restaurant can then train the way they prefer.

    The quality of the training you receive allows you to demonstrate your competence if you’re asked to make a cocktail on the spot or do a trial run for a weekend. You’ll want to know what you’re doing if you’re ever put on the spot

    How old do you have to be to bartend?

    In Connecticut, the legal age to serve alcohol is 18.

    To find your relevant state, please visit:

    Please check with your particular state’s website: It may be the liquor control board, department of consumer protection, the alcohol and beverage commission.

    The fastest way to find out is to call your state’s office directly and ask which department can answer the question of the legal age to bartend

    How is your training different from other bartender courses?

    There are many reasons listed below but… the number 1 reason: We are the only training center that offers live training in real bars. You get experience with our course

    • Success: We’ve helped more new bartenders get jobs than any other organization in Connecticut and we are replicating our model in other regions.
    • You will be more successful by taking our training. See the points below
    • Our training hours are longer, so you can learn more, which will help you earn more
    • We are more in depth. We offer internationally recognized training for Wine and Beer
    • We are more up to date.  Many trainings are out of date from curriuculums that over 30 years old
    • We have specialists in the different fields of bartending, beer, wine, career assistance, management, and more! Over 100+ years of Bartending and Hospitality Experience. We are not a one person shop.
    • We are recognized by the Connecticut Departement of Higher education and are legally authorized to issue a certification. You can always call the state of CT to verify if an organization is legally allowed to offer fully vetted training
    How Do I Get Started?
    1. Fill out the form below
    2. Choose between starting with the Online Bartender Knowledge Certification Training or the Live In-Person training.  Please note that all In-Person trainees are required to take the Online Knowledge Certification Training
    3. Enroll in whichever course you’ve chosen
    4. Start training immediately!
    Do You Offer Staff Training
    • Absolutely. Many bar and restaurant programs are seeing the benefits of investing in their staff by providing quality training on beverage service
    • We provide beer training, wine training, bartending training, management training (coming soon), and much more
    • The best restaurants and bars evolve and grow. They continue to grow by continually upgrading their knowledge, their skillsets, and investing in their junior and senior talent professionals, each with a different set of needs
    • Our digital platform is specifically geared towards helping bars and restaurants grow and succeed. You can sign up directly online!
    • We also offer national consulting services for more unique training requirements
    How Long Does It Take?

    Knowledge Portion: Most Students Average 1 to 3 weeks to complete the online component at their own pace.  More time is avaiable if needed.  You can do the course on your own time on your own schedule at your own pace but we recommend completing this portion within 30 days of signing up.  You have 1 year to complete the training.

    Bartending Internship: This part can last 2 to 6 weeks depending on your schedule and the bar availability.  We will help you coordinate this with the local bar.  It is about 4 to 6 shifts with at least 2 shifts operating as a bartender’s assistant and the remaining shifts operating as a bartender.

    Getting Hired: Your job search process needs to start mid-way through the knowledge portion. This can happen immediately or take several weeks.  This depends on how much you apply your self to the job search process.  Our students that follow the coaching and the steps get hired much faster at better bars! We’re here to help you through that process!

    invest in your future NOW

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    & Get Access To The Free 10 Day Digital Bartender Workshop!

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