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Imagine going to a job you love, always having extra cash, and being rewarded for your hard work by people who are always happy to see (and tip) you.  This is the reason why bartenders love their job.

Many of our graduates have raised families, paid for their education, paid for their housing and living expenses by just bartending part time.

 Even our graduates who were already in the food and beverage industry have been able to earn more income because of their Bartenders Academy Training!


Within two weeks after finishing, I got a bartending job! Totally worth the entire course, and the Instructors are phenomenal and full of knowledge about the Industry Chelsea

Graduate, Bartender

Local Job Leads

Get updates on local bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and other venues hiring in Connecticut.


Resume Development

We will teach you and help you update your resume for the bar industry or create a brand new resume.

National Assistance

Relocating soon or coming to Connecticut for a short time? We’ll even help you identify job opportunities out of state!


Job Search Strategies

Looking for work? Don’t know where to begin.  We are here to help you use effective strategies for finding bartending leads.


Interview Training

Be prepared for your first or your next bartending interview. Get insight on how to succeed during your interviewing process.

Coaching & Feedback

The most successful bartenders and even the most successful people have mentors and coaches to help them achieve results. We are here for you.

Bartenders Hired

Years in Business

Hours of Instruction



We’ve partnered with the world’s largest Liquor company, Diageo, at their Northeast Headquarters to provide employee training and more!

We’ve partnered with UCONN’s University Catering Department to provide annual training to their bartending staff that serves the entire campus

We are authorized by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education to provide officially recognized bartender training

Proud Supporters of the United States Bartenders’ Guild and the local Connecticut Chapters which support the development and growth of Connecticut’s Professional Bartenders

3 course options

Advanced Bartender: 80 Hours

Most Popular: 80 Hours

  • Best Preparation to start bartending
  • 7 Weeks of Hands on Training
  • Hands-On Bartending Certification
  • TiPs Certification For Alcohol Responsibility
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Morning & Evening Classes
  • 10am to 2pm or 6pm to 10pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Why choose the 80 Hour option?

You want to work or currently work in the industry and want to have a great foundation that will increase your competency and your income.

Great for Part-Time or Full-Time bartending

Elite Bartender: 120 Hours

Most Value: 120 Hours

  • Elevate your ability to earn income with the most comprehensive bartender training in the United States.
  • 3 Months of Training
  • Everything included in the 80 Hour Course
  • International Wine Certification, 2 days: Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 2:30pm
  • International Beer Certification, 2 weekends: Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 2:30pm

Why choose the 120 Hour option?

You want the best, nationally. You’re interested in learning more about beer, wine or both. You want 360 degrees of understanding the different aspects of bartending that will help you provide better service and increase your earning potential.

Quick Bartender: 12 Hours

Most Convenient 12 Hours

  • Quick & Fun
  • 3 Days of Hands On Training
  • Online Bartending Certification
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 10AM-4PM
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 6pM-10PM

Why choose the 12 Hour option?

You just want a quick introduction to bartending. Great for an introduction to bar backing (bartender’s assistant), home bartending or seeing if bartending is something you’d like.



Get your nationally certified Bartending Certification offered by Bartenders Academy and authorized by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education. The longest, most comprehensive, and effective hands on training in the Northeastern United States will prepare you to truly understand the fundamentals of bartending that will increase your earning potential and sharpen your skills.


The WSET Award in Wine & Spirits is a globally recognized Wine Certification that goes beyond the basics and provides you a deep understanding of the history, composition, creation, and service of wine. Discover new types of wine, offer more wine selections for your guests, and become a true value add for your organization and your guests by become a recognized leader in your wine knowledge. For more info visit:


Our Beer Fundamentals course will prepare you to take the Cicerone Certified Beer Server Exam, which is the most respected beer training program internationally. This training delves into the fundamentals, the history and manufacturing, the different types and styles of beer. Start engaging your guests who love beer and help guide your guests who are looking to you recommend a great selection. For more info visit: *Please note that this course is not affiliated with or endorsed by
the Cicerone Certification Program.


The leading alcohol responsibility certification in the United States for understanding your role in promoting the safe and enjoyable consumption of alcohol. The TiPS certification helps professionals to reduce over-consumption of alcohol, prevent underage drinking, and to maintain a fun yet responsible drinking environment. Many establishments across the country require that their servers are trained in the TiPS certification program. For more info visit:

increase your income

It’s very common for bartenders to earn $20 to $50 per hour when averaging out their tips and wages combined.  When working several shifts per week, your hard work can start to generate an additional $1500 or more per month just working part-time.  Of course these estimates are affected by how hard you work, when you work, and where you work but our bartenders are motivated to earn extra income by going after opportunities in life and providing great service when they land behind the bar!

…you learn an impressive amount about not only bar tending, but how to look at work, how to fill down time and make your bosses happy, how to interact with customers and how to handle just about any situation. As a recent graduate of Bartenders Academy I have the confidence and skills I need to go out there and get a job at any bar I choose and that makes it so worth it! If you have the opportunity and time to take this course, take it, it is a small investment with a huge pay off!


Graduate, Bartender

Who Takes The Training?

  • Positive Hospiality Focused Professionals
  • People with no hospitality experience
  • Bartenders & Servers who want to increase their performance
  • Bar Managers and owners
  • College Students
  • CNAs, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Mid Career and retirees
  • People who are unhappy going to their jobs everyday
  • Single parents
  • Those wanting to save, get ahead of their bills, and/or get out of debt

Increase your income

Enhance your skills

Love Your Job!

Invest in your bartender training today!


Over 130+ Years of Combined Beverage Hospitality Experience 

Lanie Renfer

Bartending Instructor

Christine Papp

Bartending Instructor

John Kubicsko

Beer Instructor

Ross Edward Marks

Wine Instructor

Phil Santopietro

TiPS Instructor

Peter Clayton

Career Counselor

Don’t wait to invest in your future

Classes Start in 2 Weeks

Next Course Registration Deadline Ends In








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