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The Leading Bartender Training In New England

Great Value For Your Training

  • Fun & Rewarding Jobs!
  • Earn $250-$500 bartending part-time
  • Increase your Income!
  • Meet incredible people

Small Educational Investment

Big Personal Reward


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What’s the difference between the 80 Hour Advanced Course and the 40 Hour Basic Course?

Take a look at the charts below to see a side by side comparison.

We recommend that all bartenders eventually take the 80 Hour Advanced training course because it provides one of the most comprehensive trainings in the United States for launching your bartending career.  You’ll also receive bartender job placement assistance until you find work. You can read Why is your bartender training so different? to learn more. If you’re looking to start right away but cannot do the 80 Hour Advanced program, we recommend starting with the 40 Hour Basic course and upgrading at a later point when you are ready.

Our 40 Hour Basic Bartender course is the leading training in New England for bartenders just starting out or looking to elevate their game. We work with real liquor, teach the most up to date drinks, and you’ll be able to qualify for a bartending job earning great income.

Do you have a 1 Week Course?

Only for a limited time, we are offering a 3-day crash course in bartending! It’s quick, it’s fun, and you’ll practice behind our bar! Fill out the form for more information!

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We’ve helped over 800 bartenders find great work in the industry. No matter which option you choose, we’ll help you become more successful.

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Course Content

You can upgrade from the 40 Hour Course To the 80 Hour Course at anytime

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