About Us

Bartenders Academy is a vibrant organization focused on developing the personal and professional success of our clients, our team members, and bar professionals all over. We believe that a passion for excellence and a commitment to outstanding customer service is the bedrock of success and the foundation for great achievement. It is these beliefs that compel us to lead the bar industry in the training and development of the industry’s top bar professionals.

Our Bartenders

Our students and bar professionals have diverse professional and personal backgrounds but, they all have one thing in common: The drive to succeed and the will to win. They are willing to make the investment and the personal sacrifice to learn and grow both in and out of the classroom. Irrespective of age, culture, gender, and other wonderful differences, our clients have shown the grit to take on new challenges. Our clients’ energy and enthusiasm literally fuel our passion to teach, coach, and motivate.

We have worked with thousands of new and experienced bar professionals to develop the courage, confidence, and competence to excel in the bar industry and the results speak for themselves. Our graduates have gone on to work at wildly successful bars as bartenders, bar managers, and many have opened up their own thriving operations as well.

The Bar Community

The professional Food and Beverage industry is home to some of the most amazing and incredible individuals in the world. It is a community of hard working, intelligent, and caring individuals who thrive on service to their fellow man. They come from all walks of life and play a part in all areas of the bar industry, from your local neighborhood bartender to your flair, bottle tossing bartenders in Vegas; They are local and global ambassadors, the successful bar owners and managers to your craft bartenders in your local downtown; The brewers and the distillers; the historians and the bloggers. There millions of people who drive our industry world-wide.

Working Together

We are from and of the bar community and Bartenders Academy would not exist without the this community. These networks of professionals have provided us with the expertise and the knowledge base to teach world class service and techniques. They hire, nurture, and promote our graduates. They provide the pathway for opportunity and we provide the access.