St-Germain is an elder flower flavored liqueur of an exceptional taste and superior, handcrafted quality. It possesses a remarkable clean, floral nose with hints of captivating flavor akin to pear, peach, lemon and grapefruit zest but not quite any of them. With half the sugar content of most other liqueurs, this fine, all natural, artisan liqueur is the first of its kind and in a class all its own.

The flavor is as unique as the process in which it its select ingredients are brought together, most notably, the delicate, star-shaped elder flowers themselves. The elder flowers used only blossom for three weeks at most, between late May and early June. They’re gathered from the French foothills of the Alp Mountains by intrepid local peasant farmers, les paysans, who seek out the alluring bloom by bicycle and pick them by hand.

Once plucked from the tree, the flowers must be quickly delivered to nearby depots before losing their magical effervescence. Upon becoming a finished liqueur, it is bottled in exceedingly small batches, and distributed in individually numbered bottles.

There will be no new bottles produced until the following spring, when the flowers bloom again, making for a rare product that is not to be missed.

St-Germain sells for approximately $40 for a 750mL bottle and should be consumed within six months of opening, for optimal flavor. Current packaging includes eight drink recipes, many containing gin. St-Germain is also excellent atop fruit sorbet or floated in champagne.

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