If you’ve ever thought about earning extra income while you’re in school, you’re definitely not alone.

Many students are trying to balance their course workload while paying for tuition, books, and meals. And lets not forget all of those hidden costs that can add up for special activities, projects, and trips or even just going out.

So how do you bring in a few extra dollars while making sure you still do well in school?
Well our bartenders have found that working in a fun bar close to campus can really impact their wallet and even help improve their grades. Let’s look at both perspectives.

How college bartending helps improve your grades:

Easy. Being a bartender requires maintaining a high level of customer service, executing a very technical craft, and keeping your composure. In other words Bartending requires that you are or become very focused and organized. And guess what? That translate to other areas of your life. When you have to balance a fun but demanding job you become very good at scheduling classes, study time, work, and of course down time for your close friends.

How college bartending impacts your wallet:

Well, you can always work a $10 to $12 per hour job, maybe for a friend of your family, or at the job you’ve been working at since you were in High School. Let’s be honest for a moment, you’re not going to make any where near the amount of money that you’ll make bartending. Our bartenders do make a variety of wages depending on where they work and some nights are a bust. However, on average our bartenders will make around $100 a shift at slow bars and some will make $300+ at very busy bars all in one night. Even at a slower bar working three nights a week and four times a month you’re looking at over $1000 per month…extra! That’s no small change!… and it’s a ton of fun…and it doesn’t interrupt class time…and you’ll be more focused in school.

How to start bartending:

There are few ways to get into the bar: One way is to be a server for several years, then find a bartender who’s willing to show you the ropes behind the bar. The alternative is to start barbacking for 6 months to a year and then find a someone who’s willing to take you under their wing. There’s also another option that will ensure you’re not just learning one way or one style of bartending. It’s to attend a reputable and respected training school in your area that has a track record of helping people to start bartending.

What’s the legal age to bartend in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island:

The legal age to bartend in all 4 states is 18. That means you can even start bartending your Freshman year!

How Bartenders Academy helps college bartenders get started:

  • Our teaching method
  • Our success in helping people look for jobs
  • Our flexible course options

Our teaching method:

Our training center in Fairfield provides a number of tracks for students in college to take training classes in the mornings, or evenings, and custom options as well. More importantly our teaching focuses on leveraging your outgoing personality with the concepts and methods of moving behind the bar and processes for mixing cocktails. In fact there’s a French culinary word for it called Mise en Place. Google it… Understanding it, living, and breathing it will help you on your path to becoming a boss behind the bar while you focus on being a boss in your studies.

Our success in helping people look for work:

Over the past several years we’ve trained several THOUSAND bartenders to successfully to tend bar and many of them have been college student’s who’ve been able make serious cash on Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks and on nights and weekends. Our process is simple: find motivated bartenders and potential bartenders to train, provide a great foundation, and teach them the process to engage employers during an interview so they can get their shot behind the bar (pun intended). After a week of working with our bartenders, bar managers are usually very impressed to see how someone who has never bartended before can flow so well behind the bar. That could be you! We provide various levels of resume support, interview coaching and training, and also call bars on behalf of our graduates. We also teach (and expect) our grads how to reach out to bar managers and bar owners. This one skill will serve you beyond getting just a bartending job, it will be helpful in your professional career in general.

Our flexible course options:

We have classes in the morning from 10AM – 2PM. We also have classes in the evening from 6PM – 10PM. You choose the option that works best for you. We have options that are 6 weeks (one of the best, longest, and most intense bartender trainings in the United States) and we have options that are 3 weeks (The best, most updated, and most comprehensive training in Connecticut…well frankly in all of New England).

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