The minimum age to bartend in Connecticut is 18

In fact the minimum age to bartend throughout New England in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts is 18. Likewise in neighboring New York the minimum age to bartend legally is 18.

That is good news for college age individuals and college students. Bartending is one of the best possible part-time jobs a student can get. It’s fun, flexible, offers tremendous opportunities to earn excellent income and is a skill you can use anywhere in the nation.

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Bartending school offers the best payback possible for any kind of training. It’s astonishing. Our bartending school provides fast, fun, hands-on training in a real bar. Our bartender classes are taught by experienced bartenders and knowledgeable mixologists. They prepare you to work in any kind of bar environment. The program is only 36-80 hours with flexible schedule opportunities. Think of it as the equivalent or better than one week of on-the-job training.


Tyler, Bartenders Academy Grad

Will I get hired as a bartender if I’m under 21

That is a great question.  Many of our bartenders initially had the same question.   Not only can we point to specific graduates of our program who have been hired and are under 21, you can visit our school and take an in depth look at our entire comprehensive bartending job placement program. Many potential students do just that. They visit the school and see exactly how we help so many grads land bartending positions throughout Connecticut, in New England, NY, and elsewhere.

When you visit you’ll see exactly which grads landed bartending jobs, where, and when. No crazy claims and unsubstantiated promises. We’ll show you real graduates with real jobs at real bars, clubs, hotels, and caterers and when they got hired.

You will also see which employers we’ve spoken with recently and which are looking for graduates over 21 or not.  More importantly you can go through our most comprehensive placement program process and see that there are grads under 21 landing bartending gigs. We are very thorough and detailed.  You will find that we directly interact with employers….all to the direct benefit of our grads.

If you are looking for that terrific, fun, flexible bartending job whether you are 18-21 or over arrange to see how Bartenders Academy in Waterbury is training students and helping graduates land bartending jobs across the state. Call us at 203-754-6000 and arrange to visit.

Gabriella, another proud grad of Bartenders Academy, Waterbury