One of most common questions we are asked is what makes your program so different, so unique, so much better? Well here are just a few reasons…

Why you should attend Bartenders Academy

  • Graduate Success
  • Longest Course Length in New England
  • Strongest Credibility
  • Bartenders Academy Unique Instructional Methods

Strongest Credibility In The Region

  • We are the only training center in New England that works with Diageo, NA, the world’s largest Liquor company in total Beverage sales of Beer, Wine, and Spirits. They own brands such as: Baileys, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Ciroc, Hennessy, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray, Don Julio, and many more.
  • The University of Connecticut employs us annually to train their entire bar staff for their catering Department
  • The United States Bartenders Guild: We are active supporters, fans, and members of the USBG, the ONLY training center regionally that works closely with the country’s largest organization of professional bartenders.
  • Our Head Instructor has taught nationally as a recognized bar professor with the Bar Institute:
  • Best Regional Recognition for our program:

Bartenders Academy Unique Instructional Methods

  • We teach both craft “mixology” and standard bartending using real fruit and garnishes.
  • We are the only training center in Connecticut that uses actual POS machines. POS stands for the Touch Screen Point of Sale Terminals that are used to manage bar and food orders
  • Most schools teach with only colored water. We actually have tasting days with real liquor. (We have special arrangements for bartenders who are 18-20)
  • We offer TiPs Training, the leading alcohol awareness certification in the country
  • We focus on hospitality first. Your ability to make a guest feel welcomed…and craft and serve several drinks at one time…and ring up several orders at one time…and make conversation…and open, close, and modify bar tabs…all at the same time. Most training centers are drinks focused…This misses the point. With us you’ll be focusing on what counts…your guest!

Longest Course Length in New England

  • 80 Hours
  • The Longest Training In New England. More than twice the length of any other training program
  • This is the only training center, north of Philadelphia where you can get the maximum amount of new bartender, coaching, training, and development
  • Longer Training = Better Bartender = More Success = More Income
  • One of the Top 4 Clock-Hour Programs Nation-Wide; Other Programs are in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Riverside, CA

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Graduate Success

We’ve had over 800 Graduates bartending. We have more documented hires recently than any other training center in the region. Our graduates get coaching both in class and out of class for securing work opportunities. This involves access to job leads that come in, interview preparation, resume conversions, step by step guidance until they secure work. This is the most effective method for helping a new bartender get employment.

Next Steps:

Call (203) 754-6000 to arrange a Tour or Sign Up For Classes:
How Do I Sign Up For Bartending Classes


Nick, The Ordinary, New Haven

Started with no Experience: Now managing one of the top bars globally The Ordinary: New Haven: Link from Conde Nast:

Eyla, Van Dome, New Haven

Smart, Outgoing and Talented, Eyla went to work at Connecticut’s number 1 Latin Night Club shortly after graduating Van Dome:

Kevin M., JM Curley, Boston

Immediately left training to work at world renowned casino bars and eventually moved to Boston and become a leader in the bar community Article On Kevin:

Ayvah, BRYAC, Bridgeport

Charming, quick-learning Ava got hired into a bar management track even before graduating Bar:

Daryl, Barcelona, West Hartford

Began working at one of the top Restaurant Groups in connecticut shortly after graduating and within a short time became Assistant General Manager for one of their Top Locations Barcelona Restaurants:

Paige, Il Forno, Branford

Immediately got hired as a bar manager right after graduation Il Forno: