This is the wrong question!

A better question is Should You Go To Bartending School?

It’s like asking the question Are you required to go to college? vs. Should you go to college?

While in both cases there is no requirement to go to bartending school or any requirement to go to college, depending on what school you go to, you should definitely attend school.

Here’s Why You Should Go To The Right Bartending School:

  • For starters, some places require that you have bartender training or Tips Training at a minimum.
  • Many places do not have time to train you if you have not been bartending already
  • If your goal is to generate more income skipping school may save you money in the short run, but you may lose out on money in the long run by not tending bar at your full potential (if you’re able to get an actual bartending job)
  • A Few Questions To Consider
  • How quickly and likely are you to get a job without any experience or training
  • If you do have a job lined up already, how many thousands of dollars will you lose over the course of a few months or few years because you skipped out on additional training
  • Learning on the job will always happen even if you’ve been bartending for 10 years. Every bar and every experience is new and comes with its own set of challenges. BUT, for your first set of bars starting out, you’re only learning from a small group of people with their own quirks, and habits that may not be appropriate for another bar. The one caveat is finding a good bar mentor, although those are hard to come by. We happen to know a lot of good bar mentors personally because of our strong relationships in the industry
  • Taking the right type of training will help you make more money because you will be faster, make better, cocktails, and pick up things much more quickly

What’s The Catch?

  • Not all schools are created equal
  • Many bars won’t hire from most bartending schools! Yes that’s right, talk to a number of bars and they will say this because much of the popular training isn’t at the right level needed to cut it at a serious bar venue…BUT…they do hire from Bartenders Academy. Find out why here
  • Schools say they will teach you everything you need to know, and help you get work but it’s all marketing
  • Your training has to be on point. Are you tasting real alcohol? Are you provided with access to the larger bar community? Are you learning about speed as well as craft cocktails? Are you learning about why you do things in addition to how you do things? Are you focused on hospitality first, and then cocktails? Are you using a real POS (Point of Sale) Terminal
  • Choosing the right school can be easy if you know what to look for visit What Makes Bartenders Academy So Special to know what to look for

For information on pricing visit:
We also offer a variety of payment plans. Call (203) 754-6000 for more info.
We also offer a variety of payment plans. Call (203) 754-6000 for more info.

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